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Own a building ? you need a roofing inspection

roofing inspection services jacksonville florida

Roofing inspection is a hot topic here in Florida these days, as the state is coming off two years in a row of Tropical storm and Hurricaneirma roofing inspection strikes to the state, of course, we by now are all familiar with Matthew, Harvey, and now Irma, which was truly a record breaking, storm event, thus bringing into focus, now that the threats have passed, the need to find out the condition of the roof, this of great importance, as relying on an insurance adjuster to do the roofing inspection, can be a costly proposition, while waiting for the insurer to send out their people, why not get some preemptive knowledge from a roofing professional, as building owners can benefit their claim by utilizing accurate roofing inspections.

Roofing inspection can save money

Now more so than in the past years, it is vital for property owners, to get a roofing inspection, doing so will provide advance information, as to the current condition of the roofing system, and prepare for the next hurricane, or weather event to impact the roof system, so for certain there is a cost benefit to getting a roofing inspection anytime, much like getting a service for any other expensive component of a building or dwelling, annual HVAC service is a good example, rather than reacting to a problem that pops without notice.

roofing inspection services jacksonville florida

A good majority of roof wear or damage, usually has been going on long before it becomes a stain on a ceiling or some other indicator, and roofing inspection can catch it before progressing to an expensive repair.

As shingle roofing systems are the main roofing used on sloped roofs, most of the info here in this paragraph will be about shingle roofing, but there are many other types of roofing systems and they all have external components, and there can be damage to multiple components, be it a commercial or residential property, so this writer recommends roofing inspection for all buildings.

shingle roofing inspection

By hiring a competent roofing professional, to perform an inspection to the roof condition, this will give a leg up should an insurance claim need to be filed, or fix smaller damage before it can progress into more of a major problem, this will save money, and aggravation, just picture getting the wrong settlement, with your insurer for example, as when there is peak demand, things get overlooked, for example, let say a tree hit the roof, which has happened a lot the last couple years, there is a hole, but is the structure unaffected, an inspector could for sure enter the attic if accessible, inspect the interior space which is concealed, catch these issues before they are overlooked, most adjusters, are not going to inspect your attic cavity, unless you know to ask for it, a qualified Licensed roofing contractor could do this, better if done in advance of your adjuster showing up, and all information from the roofing inspection would be privy to a building owner, prior to determination by the insurance adjuster as to the extent of damages.

If things do match up, then pull out your inspection info, present it, this writer digitally documents everything (pictures) this can save thousands, and if haggling after the fact with an insurance company does not sound enjoyable, make a small investment, usually under $150 and get a roofing inspection in advance of your adjuster showing up.

As long as you have hired a properly licensed contractor, here in Florida to perform the roofing inspection, FYI the law is, in Florida, they must be County registered, or State certified, no other types are legal,

Why ? Matthew and now Irma, have damaged a lot of buildings roofing systems, in the case of this roofing contractor, and writer of this post, located here in Jacksonville Florida, I can personally from experience looking at so many roofs, inform on the topic, that Matthew did damage to a lot of shingle roofing systems, and much of this damage was not apparent, until Irma came through Jacksonville fl.

jacksonville florida roofing inspection services

Simplified, shingle roofing systems, are inexpensive, as Roofing systems go, that being said, by no means is it inexpensive to buy a new roof out of pocket, but compared to Tile or Metal, Shingle roofing systems are the dominate roofing used on residential buildings, because of their affordability, also there is a mix of shingle applications used where slopes are present on commercial properties, but the majority of larger and medium sized commercial structures have low slope, or flat roofing systems on these, roof systems, benefit greatly from annual roofing inspections.

The point of this information is to share some hands on knowledge, regarding very possible condition of a home, or building owners roof condition, now, after 2 seasons of Hurricanes in Northeast Florida roofing inspection is needed more than ever.

Most residential shingle roof systems, with 10 years on them, sustained either minor or major physical damage to the roof coverings, in other words, blown off shingles, so this is an easy to diagnose, because typically this is clearly visible by just doing a survey from thew ground walking around a building and looking at the roof, and this is of course a method of roofing inspection.

What types of roofing inspection is needed ?

roofing inspection professional jacksonville florida

The circumstance one might come across that would entail the need for a roofing inspection, of course the most obvious would be after severe storms, like Hurricanes, Hail, Straight line winds, Tree’s falling on a building and the roof, these are run of the mill happenings that prompt some kind of roofing inspection either by the owner of the property or a professional, or an insurance adjuster.

Some other less obvious instances where a roofing inspection is needed are, but is fairly common, is when a building is being sold.

In almost every instance where a mortgage is needed to buy property there is a requirement that the building be inspected by a home or building inspector.

Often this writers experience is most inspectors, not all, as some are very knowledgeable, but the majority, know little about roofing, which can lead to defects in analysis of a buildings roofing system. To be fair, the majority of building inspectors, will recommend a roofing professional rule out any uncertainties that an inspector would run across, which is the ethical thing to do, however a large majority of times, lots of issues are not even noticed during a general building inspection.

So hire a Roofing professional to do a roofing inspection, when buying, or selling or maintaining a building if there are any concerns, for a small investment this can save big bucks.

Another type of roofing inspection is when an insurer will audit their policy holders and begin to inquire into the existing condition of a roofing system as the insurer is responsible if a claim is filed, so they will send a letter or even call sometimes and inform the building owner that their records indicate that due to the age of the roof they will need an roofing inspection certification as to the condition of the roof, often this is required before renewing a policy.

Once this process is underway, this can lead to the requirement that the roof be replaced or they will not offer a renewal, this can cause a great deal of angst, especially if no funds are readily available to replace the roofing system within the time frame of their demands. Usually there is enough remaining serviceable life span left on the roof, and the insurers want to have piece of mind that the roof is in working order and providing protection to the building, which they are liable for if damaged.

Typically a letter from a Florida State certified roofing contractor indicating the specified amount of time of protection remains, usually 3-6 years before replacement.

A letter of certification, or an insurer’s form filled out by a licensed and qualified professional will put the matter to bed, for a while at least. They just want to know they condition of the roof, this is accomplished by roofing inspection.

Appreciate all who read this, hopefully this information has been helpful with understanding roofing inspection.

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Hurricane Matthew roofing damage


jax fl hurricane roofing repair

Hurricane Matthew scrubbed the east coast of Florida this week and sure made a mess of things, this we all now by now.
For years this writer has been commenting in one form or another just how bad the the weather force known as a hurricane is and finally after over 5 decades the real thing finally came through our area in Jacksonville and the entire metro area.
Surprisingly as bad as this storm was and the shear scale of it’s size the damage as a whole was not catastrophic considering the immensity of this hurricane.


Damages to roofing resulting from Hurricane Matthew

So far the damage reports and repair requests coming in are damage from tree branches, and for that matter entire tree’s falling on homes and buildings as a result of hurricane Matthew. Going forward for the foreseeable future this writer expects a wide variety of requests to repair roofing systems, anything from a few missing shingles to vents being blown off and tree damage resulting in some carpentry repairs to roofing structures. The drama was high leading up to this storm and during then after all were thankful this was not a direct hit by hurricane Mathew.


Hurricane Matthew roof damages

hurricane shingle roof damage

Now going forward after everyone has a moment to take a breath, plus have their electricity returned back on, please be thankful and know that even though this hurricane caused a great deal stress and distraction we should collectively be so grateful for the track it took mostly sparing the east coast from a catastrophic situation that would have taken many years to recover from.

As for roofing at this time, roofing companies are going to be very busy initially as a result of hurricane Matthew recommend try to determine with a walk a round buildings right away and see if there is any obvious damage and find a roofing professional and get on their schedule, as the hurricane season does not end till November so there is a chance another could threaten, the east coast.

Get the roof repaired as there will be more rain and storms still to come.

As far as the future is concerned going forward with respect to damaged roofing, many roofing systems have been loosened up and are wind blown, and may have attachment issues, especially with shingle roof systems, they are attached to the structure using nails, specially designed for shingle application, the shingles  may not be even attached any longer, should another hurricane enter the area, or high winds then there is a good chance sections could blow off, and when it begins to rain again, there will be leaks a plenty, as some building owners, will either not notice damage that has occurred as a result of hurricane Matthew, or there is concealed damage that can not be accessed due to height restrictions and accessibility for the a novice, in the case of the latter point, not contacting a roofing contractor to inspect things up top, could result in a rude awakening at some point in the near future, this writer’s highly recommended advice, is to have the roof inspected as soon as possible, so to be ready for the next threat of storms, or another hurricane.

Issues will pop up long after this storm has faded into the not so distant memory of most folks, some ask themselves what is going on things have been calm weather wise, now if a reader caught this article, it may clear up some confusion, and this can be the case for a building that has a roof that is less than a few years old even, when it comes to a hurricane, roofing, tree’s and fences take a beating.

Roof leaks will come out of no where as a result of this storm. If there is insurance to cover damages for most, still some folks will not need to make claims as the damages may be only minor for some buildings, so try to get things fixed as soon as possible, so a small issue does not grow into a big one.

This was a wake up for everyone and the building practices of the last 10 or more years proved that even though the region was spared the worst of Matthew, what has been borne out of all the damage from the storm, is that good construction practices go a long way in protecting buildings from damages from a hurricane.

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Fall and winter roofing preparation

Time to take another look at fall and winter roofing again.

fall and winter roofing repair

Fall and winter roofing 2016-2017, another year has almost come to an end and about to start another, so this writer is here to remind all, now is a good time to start paying a little attention to the roof. With the seasonal change, it is time to get ready for all the effects this transition will entail over the coming 4- 5 months, which is the typical length of winter effects in northern Florida.

In last years article, some simple tried true steps to take during the fall and winter roofing season were offered for consideration to all who visit and read material from this site. During the fall and winter roofing season begin to clean out gutters, remove leaf piles, check for entry points animals will utilize to gain entry into the attic searching for a cozy warm place to spend the winter.fall and winter roofing company jacksonville florida

We are so busy with the day to day events in our lives it is easy to pass the buck on maintaining the roofing system and the associated components and during the fall and winter roofing really gets neglected, more time is spent indoors, the days are shorter making it more difficult to get things done on the exterior of a building.

My advice is around the end of November depending on location, some locales have full blown winter by Halloween, is a good time to start inspecting things up top. A walk around the perimeter of a building, visually inspecting things from the ground is a safe way to view the physical appearance of the upper portion of a building.

Look for anomalies that were not there during the summer months, plant deposits, and even critters scurrying across the roof, these are few indicators something could be evolving into a problem, heading it off, and catching things early could ensure that during the fall and winter roofing systems are performing as intended.

Fall and winter roofing

The leaves are beginning to drop, temperatures are starting their seasonal moderation, a little cooler or even down right cold depending on location, just a beautiful time of the year signalling a change is in the offing, a hopeful time for most.

Here in Jacksonville Florida, summer was a scorcher this year with many days above 100 degree’s. As a roofing professional this time of year is a great time to be working outside in the fresh air, very very invigorating.

Jacksonville Fl metro like other parts of the country had a lot of rain plus wind, a few tornadoes, some hail, and so far close encounters with 2 tropical storms. These weather events did damage to many buildings and resulted in lots of contracts to repair and replace roofing systems.

Much of this damage however has not been detected yet by a majority of building owners, because no visible damages were immediately obvious or the roof has not leaked. The majority of the time roofing damage takes a while to make itself known to property owners and with no proactive inspection things go unnoticed until a ceiling stains, or worse watering entering the interior suddenly, alerting there is a problem. Keep reading in the next paragraph will discuss just this issue, as it dovetails into the subject nicely, regarding fall and winter roofing.

After effects of a stormy summer and what may the fall and winter roofing season present

fall and winter roofing inspectionYes that’s right, inquiring minds want to know right ? all about the roof above so important to protecting things of value and importance below.

Has the roof been inspected in the recent past, if not again, this writer falls back to a default position, take a visual from the ground and look for any obvious issues, some will be noticeable others will be more easily identified by a roofing professional. Most roofing contractors will have a look at the roof top surface for no cost, if there is something suspected by a building owner, and an earnest desire to have things repaired is the intention, and the property is located close to center of the roofing professionals operating market, meaning there does not require a long commute, while others may have a nominal fee they charge to inspect the roofing system’

In the fall and winter roofing systems should be looked at to see if the summer seasonal storms have caused any minor or major damages, a more detailed inspection of the attic cavity, if there is access, is recommended. Roofing leaks can leave stains on the underside of roof sheathing, providing and early indication something is a problem, homeowners can do this themselves if physically able at any time. Once tree’s shed their leaves and cover up these area’s it will be harder to detect damages and further deterioration could be in progress and the only notice will be water coming in the building, which is most undesirable.

All roofing systems should have at least one inspection a year, once a working relationship is established with a reputable roofing company they will be good allies, happy to contribute and help with keeping the roof in tip top shape and work to mitigate future issues before a large expense is incurred.

James Neill roofing & waterproofing contractor services is an established roofing company located in Jacksonville Florida, specializing in roofing repair, inspection,consultation, with all types of roofing systems from A-Z no matter the style or era of construction.

Contact James Neill today and schedule and appointment to have things looked over by a seasoned pro, so piece of mind is in the cards  regarding fall and winter roofing.


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Seasonal summer roofing repair in Jacksonville Fl

Roofing repair 904.221.5981James Neill roofing repair contractors


Stormy weather is ahead, roofing repair may be needed soon if so, a local roofing company near you is James Neill roofing & waterproofing ready to provide prompt roofing repair services for locations in the following zip codes of Jacksonville Florida 32235, 32225, 32246, and 32224, in this article there some timely suggestions for a hassle free roof this year that can save money, presented here for the readers, who own a building or buildings, and folks considering buying a property, they are worth the read. So to be more concise the topic of roofing repair is not just a Jacksonville Florida concern, having fun yet ? learning about the thrilling and dynamic world of roofing repair, don’t laugh if ever it is needed compare it to the cost of getting a car fixed at an auto repair shop, ouch, oh yeh…. anyway just checking…. let’s see…. where was I…. oh yeh I remember now, in every region of the US there are specific things to consider regarding roofing repair and the summer season presents a variety of challenges for a buildings roofing system and building owners can benefit “save money” and having the roof system inspected by a professional, preferably and in Jacksonville Florida where this writer hales from, I suggest a reputable licensed state certified or county registered Florida roofing contractor, most will usually take a visual inspection for free, “what a deal” right ? Roofing contractors can make sure things are in good repair up there, as with this time of year there are destructive forces that directly affect the roof and a building’s protective envelope, which works “24/7  365” protecting and absorbing all the exterior weather elements and punishment year round, with timely inspection maybe these types of problems can be discovered, and maybe, just maybe in the cards will be just a “little minor” roofing repair “versus major or costly” roofing repair here’s an example of the latter, something like carpentry repair or “rotted wood” the common lingo and how most folks might go about describing the topic, professionally this writer would say something like, damaged structural area’s. Early detection is the best proactive step to determine the current condition of the roof ahead of time to find out if there is a need for roof maintenance service or roofing repair.

roofing repair contractors jacksonville florida


Roofing repair and maintenance

Roofing replacement is one thing but roofing repair is another. Here in Jacksonville Florida which is where this writer operates locally in the 32225 zip code located in north east upper portion of the state Florida, weather is a real mixed bag and ranges from winter to summer with freezing temps and scorching hot and dry periods in the summer season to violent storms that produce heavy rain high winds and even hail also tornadoes and certainly this article is not complete without the obligatory mention of the dreaded and destructive force known as the hurricane if one of these passes through depending on the category the damage can range from complete roof loss and failure to at a minimum some major to minor roofing repair.

Roofing services and operations for James Neill roofing and roofing repair are in north east Florida, the focus of what types of roofing issues to be considered when preparing for the summer season are directed at the Jacksonville Florida metropolitan area, which is our market, but these can apply with variables in other locales in the US and for that matter around the world, when it comes to roofing, it is for sure a world wide product and of course the fascination is there for this writer as to the structures in Europe and China, Japan, as well as other far flung countries where roofers have been at work for hundreds if not thousands of years and the amazing elevations, styles and installation methods of roof design and roofing repair.

Jacksonville here are some suggestions, at a minimum, hire a licensed Florida state roof or roofing repair contractor to do an annual roofing inspection if there is any visual damage noticeable from the ground, it can be just a simple roof top surface inspection an experienced roofer can spot things and make them known. Want more piece of mind ? expand the inspection to also include the attic interior as well, if accessible, this is a good way to determine if there are active leaks occurring as there may be staining on the underside of the structural deck, or plywood sheathing. Exterior siding or stucco may also may have evidence of a looming water intrusion issues, an inspection by a roofing professional is a good first step especially if a building owner is not able or comfortable getting on the roof an important point to highlight is most falls occur around 3 feet of elevation or less so it is a dangerous endeavor for inexperienced or experienced roofing professionals alike falling off a roof is the number one hazard.

Winter is over and what should be checked is the effects of winter freezes and thaws on the roofing system and if damage has happened with the expansion and contractions cause by freezes and sudden warmups that repeat constantly for about 4 to 5 months beginning around October 31st that stretches into the first 2-3 weeks in march.

Area’s to check are plant deposits leaves and such that pile up on the roof surface fill gutters and if left in place decompose where they landed and cause rotting of the roof coverings and result in roof leaks and possible insect infestation for example carpenter ants or any insects for that matter just love a nice pile of leaves left in a valley for a couple of seasons it is the perfect place for a colony and the plant and leaf pile with locked in moisture are perfect to attract them so cleaning up this stuff yearly if needed can save some money and prevent a costly roofing repair. Loose fasteners can cause flashing’s to become dislodged or nails can back out of wood and puncture a hole in the roof coverings and then a small leak can get going it takes a while but if neglected can grow and cause the roofing system to fail at a minimum in that area thus needing roofing repair.

Sealants need to be checked as well they eventually dry out or crack and may require a re seal where observed also can vents get damaged from tree branches or pipe vents such as lead boots can get chewed on by squirrels and then the possible leak can take place just to name a few. Skylights the chimneys and their metal caps  even roof top satellite dish’s are good places to check on a roof and the condition of these roof top components can change from season to season which in roofing could be considered fairly rapid.

By checking the roof an important step and course of action for extending the life span and functional protection it provides for the building has been implemented this is a proactive approach towards building ownership or management that will pay dividends. Hopefully this has been an informative read making a point that a little advanced preparation can extend the life of the roof system and avoid the need for costly roofing repair.

Jacksonville Florida roofing repair 904.221.5981

jax florida roofing repair contractors James Neill roofing repair company is established and well known in the Jacksonville Florida community. Providing experienced seasoned roofing services to the entire metro area the primary operation and expertise is roofing repair.

James Neill personally over see’s his Jacksonville roofing repair contractors business doing what he knows best in a professional and respectful manner offering roofing repair services that are affordable and most important durable.

Affordable quality workmanship is foremost, along with friendly professional service is what to expect when hiring James Neill roofing for any type of roofing repair, producing results that are proven to hold up underwater is the credo , this is what one should look for in a roofing contractor, if this view matches our readers view, then contact James Neill roofing today. Roofing services are primarily offered in the 32235, 32225, 32224 and 32246 area’s so call today 904.221.5981 for a free no obligation estimate for all issues from A-Z big or small any era of construction on an old or a new roof in need of roofing repair.

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Chimney Cap Replacement Jacksonville FL.

James Neill roofing chimney repair


chimney cap replacement James Neill roofing 904.221.5981

James Neill roofing contractors offers chimney cap inspection, replacement and repair in Jacksonville Florida in the following zip codes 32235,32224,32225,32246,32211,32277,32266,32216,32233.32250,32082 The question begs to answered, should one require or need to have the chimney cap inspected every couple of years or so to determine if it is in good shape and functioning as intended. Most residential homes have a fireplace and of course this is accompanied by a chimney which can be seen by going CHIMNEY CAP SQUAREoutside and looking at the roof and that big thing usually square in shape sticking up from the roof is of course the chimney. The chimney components are a fireplace and then there is the flue pipe that comes from the fireplace inside the home then typically travels through the attic and exits onto the roof or a combination of outside wall and the roof. The description of the chimney structure is usually referred to as the chase is typically made of wood frame construction in modern homes and have either siding or stucco or brick veneer on contemporary homes and typically steel air vented flue pipe. Older homes the chimney chase may be constructed of brick or block and possibly of wood frame construction with a clay or steel flue pipe above the chimney chase no matter the era constructed it should always be terminated with a chimney cap.





chimney cap repair service 904.221.5981

So what function does the chimney cap perform as the final piece that terminates the chimney chase structure ? Certainly if there were no chimney cap present there would be many problems that can arise either slowly over time, or as often is the case with most things, abruptly and without warning.

For an illustration just consider how many animals use the roof to get from point A to B, man it is a super highway up there for those critters to take advantage of,and most homeowners never give a single thought to the chimney cap until one day an uninvited visitor arrives via the flue pipe entering through the opening at the top of the chimney chase structure.

What types of visitors might be encountered by not having a functioning chimney cap in place ? start with the most common that would be birds we have all seen a flying creature perched atop a roof and the higher the better and of course the chimney is a perfect perch and without that chimney cap in place and that warm and inviting opening just sitting there for the taking birds will often build a nest inside the flue when there is not a chimney cap in place. This is especially a problem when the chimney is never used and the chimney cap which is damaged or missing is undetected is much more common than one would think as using the fireplace and building a fire the work it entails is just not worth for some still occasionally one decides to build a fire lights up the carefully prepared stack of of combustible elements and suddenly an immediate problem presents itself,smoke is pouring into the house which can damage an interior very quickly and be hard to get the lingering smell out of the home as fireplace smoke has a clinging affect on just about everything much like cigarettes do except it is far worse because when this happens the volume of smoke can be tremendous, additional scenario’s presented by the absence of the chimney cap is a fire hazard due to the clogged flue and organic material an animal uses to build a nest it is highly combustible. So for sure a functioning chimney cap would have certainly prevented this from happening in the first place. CHIMNEY CAP





Other unwanted guests who would love to visit the inside of a nice cozy home are as follows, RACCOON ENTERING CHIMNEY NO CHIMNEY CAPa racoon is the ultimate opportunistic invader give them an opening be it a damaged or missing chimney cap or a weak spot on the roof providing access to the attic they will make a way in you can count on it, and of course they bring there extended family members as well. Another equally clever critter are rats and boy the smell of those chocolate cookies wafting up the flue pipe is just to hard to resist, plus it is just plain to cold or hot outside and this looks like the Hilton hotel all of a sudden to them and in Florida one might be astonished to find snakes or lizards as they are great climbers although not common the absence of the chimney cap presents a way in for all who dare.

Other issues of concern and examples are older homes with a chase structure built of brick and mortar only as moisture draining down a flue due to a missing chimney cap can set in motion some expensive damages to the concrete mortar sets between the bricks, the mortar absorbs water because it is porous it expands because it never dries then it can swell or freeze in winter and begins to fall apart and there is a major renovation project at hand, in any scenario water entering through the top of a chimney is very undesirable. Other problems that occur as a result of a missing chimney cap that are of note is the tree’s above produce leaves have branches some have large seed vehicles like pine cones and these items can become lodged in the flue opening and completely or partially block it from exhausting.

To recap be it modern construction or from a long ago era the flue needs a chimney cap to be protected from all the outside elements than can affect the function of the chimney as a whole and possibly save on very costly repairs and prevent sparks leaving flue from causing a fire both on the roof and at ground level. Certainly any responsible property owner regardless if they use their fireplace or not wants to protect the most valuable of assets namely their home and provide a safe secure habitat to live in and enjoy so be sure to every now and then just take a look up top or have a professional do this if elevation is a problem to make sure all is as it should be with the chimney cap.

Chimney cap and other components





A lot can be said or discussed about a chimney cap and it’s importance to the chimney chase structure as part of any home that has one. The most frequent part of any home to fail or have problems is the chimney  and the chimney cap is usually one of the first components to fail why is this component so neglected. When a new roof is installed certainly the chimney cap and chimney chase structure is not overlooked as part of the overall upgrade of the roofing system right ? The answer is wrong and a primary reason for this just like the roof itself most homeowners will not ever have an issue with a chimney until it blatantly presents itself hence the above paragraph, so it is neglected both by the property owner and in the case of a roof replacement experience proves more than a few roofing contractors just do want to fuss with it, just put the new roof on and it’s on to the next job never even mentioning if problems with a chimney cap or other area’s of the chimney are clearly noticeable.

Why is this ? to be fair certainly not all roofing contractors would just ignore such an obvious thing as a missing chimney cap for example, but a significant amount do and just do not want the extra work involved to properly address the chimney as part of a re roof project as it can cause the loss of a job due to the extra cost and labor to include this in a roof replacement bid some not all just do not mention it because it complicates the process when bidding a project and since most property owners never access the top of their roof and this probably a good idea, it can be dangerous for the novice to attempt it just gets left out of the conversation altogether.

Besides the terminating part referred to as the chimney cap there are many more parts to a chimney all serve a function and should be evaluated by a professional every 2-5 years unless something is discovered and prompts the search for a roof chimney service provider. Briefly to conclude other components of the chimney besides the chimney cap are as follows, Chimney chase cap CHIMNEY CHASE CAPusually square in shape and is situated below the chimney cap  are made of metal but also on much older homes can be made of concrete(mortar) additionally the exterior has several methods of protection most common are stucco,siding or brick veneer.

At the base of chimney where it joins the roof structure a flashing system wraps the base of the chase where it exits through the roof and is by most building codes required to have a saddle which is also sometimes referred to as cricket behind the chimney up slope to carry moisture around the base of the chimney and down the roof, basically it is a small gable with a couple of valleys and is crucially important to proper flow of water around the base of the chimney.

So in a nutshell that covers the upper part of the chimney chase and the chimney cap lets move on to the flue pipe it is typically routed through the attic space in modern homes is usually made of metal and round in shape and with no exterior layers inside the attic the flue is essential to exhausting a fireplace and protection from fire in the attic cavity.Lastly it is important to mention the the interior cleanliness of the flue pipe and fire box both should be cleaned periodically to prevent buildup inside the flue pipe which can and has caused many fires CHIMNEY CAPa professional chimney sweep can assist with this. Hopefully this has been educational and informative pointing out there is a lot more to a chimney than just the chimney cap.

Chimney cap and Chimney repair


James Neill is a Florida state roofing contractor who has more than 36 years of experience  in the roofing industry. Frequently is contracted to replace the chimney cap on structures in the Jacksonville Florida metro area. In addition to chimney cap replacement James Neill roofing performs all phases of exterior repair to chimney systems some examples


  • Chimney cap replacement
  • Custom fabricated chimney chase cap
  • Chimney roof repair leaks
  • Chimney flashing removal and replacement
  • Chimney chase siding removal and replacement
  • Chimney wind band fabrication and installation
  • Concrete chase cap refurbishment
  • Chimney cap and roof inspection
  • Chimney saddle installation

James Neill performs all manner of exterior and leak issues repairs to chimneys and associated associated services related to the chimney cap. Frequently issues have arisen in the process of repairing a chimney that only a qualified chimney sweep company can address and in these cases James Neill defers to his company of choice and that is “A Clean Sweep” chimney sweep and repair service that serves the northeast Florida area. A Clean Sweep is a certified CSIA company and are fully licensed and insured also they are experts with dryer vent cleaning and have the equipment and no how are very reputable and established their contact info is (904) 379-3510 in St Augustine Florida (904)826-0567

Jacksonville roofing contractors chimney cap replacement service 904.221.5981

Should the need arise and the need for a qualified experienced chimney repair specialist be in the cards and the building is located in the 32235, 32224, 32225, and 32246 area’s of Jacksonville Florida, professional advice and service are just a phone call away. James Neill roofing contractors can be reached at (904)221-5981 James Neill and will personally evaluate the problem and will provide a written estimate for chimney repair or chimney cap replacement at an affordable rate. Professional and reputable consider James Neill roofing for all types of chimney repair and replacement of any style or type of chimney cap.

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Fall and Winter roofing repair and maintenance

Roofing contractor in Jacksonville Florida suggests paying some attention to fall and winter roofing preparation.

In the fall and winter roofing systems begin to be affected by the cooler, colder seasonal weather transitions and can bring a host of changes, no the hair is not on fire, but maybe the house ? CHIMNEY CAPWhat about that fireplace connected to the chimney, has it been checked and cleaned for awhile, heck there might be any number of issues with it, as there are many parts to the structure venting the hot burning ash funneling through it.fall and winter roofing servicies

For smooth operation with trouble free performance to ensure during the fall and winter roofing systems do their job protecting a building and all the contents therein some considerations and maintenance steps should be undertaken.
A seasonal investigation or inspection of the roof could save thousands and maybe even prevent a disaster from ever happening in the first place.

Fall and winter roofing, to be continued !

Ok back to Fall and winter roofing

This year the big news being reported is about a weather pattern under way that is referred to as “EL NINO ” and if a building owner is located in the western half of the US from the Mississippi river west and along the entire sun belt, then there is a big concern regarding this years fall and winter roofing issues.fall and winter roofing preparation

Not going to spend a great deal of time writing about it here in this post as the focus for this writer is the Jacksonville Florida metropolitan area, but this illustrates the neglect of roofing systems on buildings when there is no rain to make them leak. In the state of California for example roofing companies are being inundated by desperate property owners with water coming in their homes and business’s due to the high occurrence of rain and storms pounding these area’s of the country during this years fall and winter.

So the subject of this post is fall and winter roofing repair and maintenance etc. and a majority of the issues regarding this subject revolve around a properly repaired and maintained roofing systems ahead of weather events like these, because waiting on things known or unknown when severe weather sets in can cost a consumer a lot of money and possibly some pretty bad damage because roofing companies very quickly get overwhelmed. Every season this writer experiences the same behaviors from building owners and that is procrastination, as most roofing leakage issues are on going for 2-6 months or longer before a solution is a priority, in other words when they just can not live with that leaky Fall and winter Roofing leaks repaired by James Neill roofing 904.221.5981roof any more they frantically seek out a professional to fix it and as stated above one can wait weeks and even months for a roofing contractor if severe weather has impacted a region or an extensive rain and storm pattern sets in. It is worth noting when it is raining a lot ! guess what ? Roofing companies struggle with getting things completed, there are lots of delays, unlike indoor professions ours is highly affected by the weather and contrary to the product we sell and service not much can be safely accomplished when it constantly rains day in and day out. Really it is fantastic to have all the new customer leads, but the term ” Reschedule” gets used rather frequently.

Kick the can down the road, get to it later, may mean even though there are many contractors, they quickly book up and get much more than they can handle and begin to turn away business.

To reiterate some sage advice in closing, the point of this post is that if there is a need by property owners to repair roof leaks or maintain the roofing system then the time to take action is when it is first noticed if possible, there can be a costly waiting period before “experienced professionals” can help. An annual inspection by a roofing professional can possibly get ahead of future roofing problems and the headaches that can transpire during the fall and winter with respect to the roof.

This writer likes to suggest to building owners anytime of year is good to have a roof checked even if it is done by themselves personally if they are physically able, but seasonal changes do affect the performance of the roofing system and one of the best times to address future problems during the fall and winter roofing cycle.

Types of considerations and suggestions to address regarding fall and winter roofing issues

In the fall and winter trees are dropping their annual foliage there are some cheap ways to get ready for either rain or snow events, in Florida we do not get snow so rain is the biggie. If a roof is pitched most owners can simply walk around their property and look up, if there is accumulation of plant materials in the valleys, a small tree is growing out of the gutter it is a good indication someone should clean that stuff off right.

Cleaning the gutters gutter cleaning during fall and winterin the fall and winter will ensure that they drain nicely and reduces this weight in them when full of water run off from the roof, with the added extra weight this stress is transferred to the hangers that anchor them to the structure. fall and winter clean up of the roof valleyValleys are notorious for damage from leaf deposits left unchecked or removed,these piles of organic materials sit in place impeding the flow of rain water off the roof concentrating it in an area then permeation occurs fasteners rust out water enters the holes left behind, the roof is now leaking possibly creating a great place for carpenter ants or termites to put there famous wood working skills to use and on many occasions left unchecked severely damages the structure.

So during this time of year it is a great idea to have the roof cleaned up be it pitched or flat as the maximum amount of stuff is deposited up there during the fall and winter months.

Here is another consideration that may have not even been thought of yet going into the fall and winter. Our buildings are of great attraction to the various forms of wild life, this writers office every morning about a certain time the local tribe of squirrel’s can be heard jumping from the tree next to the building and scampering across the roof to their favorite location for acorns.

The roof is a sort of a super highway for all sorts of critters and insects, when it gets cold they need a warm place to bunk for the fall and winter, the attic or an exterior cavity are perfect places, such as a soffit overhang makes a great den or nest. roof repair fall and winterSome examples are the fall and winter critter controlclever racoon, rascally squirrel’s, filthy rats,and many bird species, this writer has even seen cats using a racoon den dug through the roof, these pests just want a warm place to live during the fall and winter hey, ya really can’t blame em they are doing what comes natural.

These guys can not only do damage on their way in but once in, they are known to chew wiring, deposit waste from themselves which in turn attracts insects and smells they can even die boy when that happens the odor is off the charts. These animals are cute except the rats, but also can be highly destructive.

So during this time of the year have the roof inspected to make certain there are no openings where the critters can enter the building and set up shop during the fall and winter.

To be cont…that’s all for now there will be more tips to come regarding fall and winter roofing tips.

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Roof coatings can save money Jacksonville

Flat roofing coatings servicesservice

What advantages do roof coatings offer ?

roof coatings jacksonville florida

For this writer for sure roof coatings are a great product when repairing or preserving low slope or flat roofing systems.

The advantages are many and they are in a class of environmentally sustainable roofing products that are primarily used on flat or low sloping existing roofing systems that are already in place.

The goal is to sustain the existing roof to the furthest point in the future and if this can be done done effectively then it will pay big dividends to a property owner in other words the proper application of roof coatings saves money.

Nobody wants to spend money on a roof and usually it is being forced upon them as a result of failure of the roofing system to keep out moisture as the roof begins to leak at that point it is time to take action this is a typical scene encountered by this writer.

Some considerations regarding the environmental side of the use utilizing roof coatings.

First they can be used for any structure that has a flat or low slope roof system in place, and there are so many of these types of structures be they commercial buildings or a small or large roof on a residential homes.

The immediate benefit to the environment is a roof does not need to be removed as frequently and in some cases if the use of roof coatings is approached correctly there can be an extension of a roof system indefinitely and literally it is possible the roof can last the span of a human lifespan this is totally achievable provided there is a proactive approach to preserving the roof and a little investment over time as nothing is for free.

Comparing apples to oranges saving money is probable when incorporating into a solution the use of roof coatings.

The best benefit is the reduction of the waste removal with respect to getting rid of roofing materials from the old roof that is to be replaced and we are talking big money plus large volumes of waste being added to the landfills most roof replacements produce as much as a ton or more of mixed waste and that is just residential these amounts can skyrocket when replacing a commercial buildings roofing system.

Now for the really impressive aspect of utilizing this type of liquid roofing system, they are seamless when properly applied and at the right rate of coverage. Every other type of roof system has a seam or joint or section that attaches to another section so the chances for failure over time are everywhere.

Proper installation of a roof coatings system on existing roofing results in a refurbished old roofing system, turns it into with all those seams and attachment points, a monolithic seamless membrane on the roof coverings surface that is devoid of entry points for water intrusion to penetrate now that is truly an impressive reason to use roof coatings.

James Neill roof coatings contractor

Another quality and benefit with proper selection is the ability to reflect heat off the top of a building when using white roof coatings thus contributing to lower energy costs for cooling an interior space here in north east Florida our summer season is very long as it is in all of Florida and air conditioning a building is a major expense as everyone who pays an electric bill knows first hand it really smarts when writing that check.

So the to biggies are besides waterproofing surfaces is a reduction of landfill waste and electricity used to cool the interior of a building, but there are more benefits for the use of roof coatings Jacksonville, and one of them is the lack of disruption of normal activities around a building during the installation process can be possibly be avoided.

When a roof is being removed and replaced there is a lot of action around a property during the process. Workers coming and going large supplier trucks, dumpsters taking up space the noise from all the work being performed above, trash around the edges of the roof on the grounds and just general distractions that can drive people crazy for a while until completion.

To be fair roofing coatings are not an option for every single roofing issue and there are more than enough circumstances when roof replacement is the only option there is and one must just have to grin and bear it both financially and mentally.

Why not explore some of the many benefits that can be had by contacting a qualified roofing expert take a look the next time the subject is front and center to see if the roofing system would be a good candidate for the use of roof coatings.

Roof coatings what types are best

what roof coatings to use

There are roof coatings that some readers might encounter when they make a trip to the local Home improvement store.

jacksonville roof coatingsfibered roof coatings

There is a wide enough range of products there to familiarize one’s self with. Some kinds of roof coatings are, silicone acrylic, asphalt, aluminum, or fiber coatings with a variety of variables making up their composition most of these types of roof coatings are inferior but some can be useful and can work well just be sure they are not installed on the wrong type of roofing system and if there is lots of curing time for the coating to dry it may get washed off in the next rain.

Moisture is the enemy for installers of roof top waterproofing products things have to be dry for specific periods of time for them to work.

James Neill has installed them in winter/ spring, fall/ summer to all manner of structures and surfaces be it metal/mob/build up/rubber/tar roofing systems, even stucco walls.

James Neill over the course of many years through trial and error has learned what works best and which application should be used based on each individual situation. Choosing the right roof coatings has been a process of elimination to say the least.

There are also many asphalt or oil based types of products out there as well and they are not especially considered green but they have their place, be aware using these on a roof that is not suitable for them as their use can destroy the existing roofing system at least in the area it is applied and lead to a big repair or replacement bill.

Thus it would be wise to contact a professional who knows what types of roofing systems to install any given type of roof coatings and there are a bunch of them with a wide range performance claims.

For this writer there is not much at the local home improvement store that works for waterproofing a roof surface with the use of  a roof coatings system.

Quality roof coatings do exist but are only available through specialty suppliers of these types of products or online.

Get ready for sticker shock as roof coatings are quite pricey and run anywhere from $55-$125 a gallon, yes a gallon, so if there is a need for a large quantity, this can really add up. Even with their inherent high costs, utilizing the right roof coatings is still usually much less expensive than replacing the roof by as much as 35-40 percent depending on the application and in roofing business that 35-40 percent means saving thousands, yeah that’s right thousands.

By far the best is 100% silicone based roof coatings. Their ease of use and waterproofing capabilities and drying time are superior to any other in the opinion of James Neill the owner of James Neill roofing & waterproofing inc in Jacksonville Florida he has been installing silicone roof coatings for more than eight years with great results.

It took him a while to find the right brand and some money was wasted trying others, but he prefers silicone exclusively and knows the best techniques and products to install for durable results that hold up under water using this class of roof coatings.

Steps to using roof coatings

Alright then, it has been determined that the roof system is a great candidate for a roof coatings system and the prospect of saving all that money by not needing to replace that roof after all, well that is really exciting is it not ? sends goose bumps up the back of the neck, ready to roll.

Not so fast, this is when it may be best begin some tutorials on how to if planning a DIY project or consider hiring a professional to take care of the installation as there are some steps to take before installing that liquid gold up there on the roof that will lead to that affordable hassle free roof solution.

Now a building or homeowner can do the installation of roof coatings, as long as they are comfortable on top of a roof climbing a ladder to get there and then knowing all the how to steps, and have the time and patience, for sure it is doable for a novice to effectively install roof coatings.

To start with the roof is a very dirty place, after all it’s outside exposed to everything imaginable so it is quite the filthy place and needs prep before installing the precious liquid roof coating that cost $300 for 5 gallons, put this stuff down on a dirty surface my as well take $300 and light a match to it.

Adhesion is the key to applying roof coatings it has to stick to the surface of the roof to work, this requires the proper rate of coverage (uniform thickness) by the installer to be effective. This especially true when working with bright white coatings they can cause white out effect on a persons vision and may not get spread out evenly or splotchy, another good reason for contracting someone to install them.

Next and he roofing system can not be wet or dirty and proper Ph balance of the roof system covering a building must be obtained before installing any roof coatings system.

A typical first step to prep the roof is that it should be cleaned by a roof cleaning service as most folks are not going to take their pressure washing machine on the roof due to the intense vibration it causes and the bulk of the machine dragging up a ladder to get it there. Roof cleaning services have the equipment and enough line that they just pull their hoses off a spool onto the roof and go to town. Examples of contaminants to remove are fungus, dirt, acids, oils, and a variety of other elements must be cleaned off before installation of roof coatings takes place.

So the prep has been completed the holes and cracks, voids, rips and gaps have been sealed and repaired with the correct materials prior to installing the roof coatings chosen, oh sorry forgot to mention that step.

Yes, repairing any defects on the surface of the roof covering should be completed before installing any roof coatings as proper rate of coverage in damaged or worn area’s may not be achieved and weaken the rest of the coating system once installed by allowing water intrusion under the coating. With liquid roof coatings a seamless roof membrane is the result when (cured) dried and uniformity is key.

A roofing professional will know where and what to repair prior to installing the roof coatings.

Since most roof coating systems come with limited warranties it is highly important to do things correctly should there ever be a failure and claim be filed with company selling the coating.

That is why hiring a roof coatings expert takes out the guess work, the job of the installer is to know these types of details so once the roof coatings are installed it will be a hassle free roof for years and years to come and withstand the scrutiny of a warranty claim.

Hopefully after reading this it is clear that installing roof coatings is not just a matter of painting the surface of the roof with an expensive liquid and now reap the savings, no to the contrary as with all types of roofing there is a process and for optimal results the proper methods of installation must be adhered to for long term success using roof coatings.

James Neill is a local contractor based in Jacksonville Florida he is seasoned, and a roofing professional with over 30 plus years in the roofing industry installing and repairing roofing systems. James recommends to building owners liquid roofing products whenever encountering a roofing system that could have the useful lifespan extended or waterproofed to stop moisture intrusion by the use of roof coatings.

James Neill installs roof coatings

James Neill – Fl certified roofing contractor

James Neill roofing & waterproofing specializes in the installation of roof coatings and knows what type to use for any roofing related water intrusion or maintenance issue on any commercial or residential building that may be solved by the proper application of a quality roof coatings system.

He will inspect the roof once requested and determine if it will qualify to be coated as not all can be preserved or fixed using roof coatings.

Contact James directly at 904.221.5981 if interested in finding out if this will be a good solution for solving any specific roofing problems with the utilization of roof coatings.



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Jacksonville roofing companies how to select one

roofing companies jax fl

Jacksonville roofing companies


There is always a bit of apprehension when the search begins to find a service provider for any home improvement project and the same is true when considering the credentials and various other factors one will encounter with different Jacksonville roofing companies.

For sure all Jacksonville roofing companies consider themselves as the most competent qualified roofing company and will go out of the way to point these traits out and of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so,but things can get confusing when trying to select amongst the many Jacksonville roofing companies that offer roofing services.

James Neill roofing contractors incorporated are established and have been in business officially since 2000. Owner James Neill has been in the roofing trade repairing and installing roofing for more than 30 years.

James Neill roofing & waterproofing is highly regarded for their knowledge of roofing systems with expertise in all aspects of the roofing trade no matter the type or era of construction.

James Neill roofing has a stellar reputation which helps to distinguish them from among the many Jacksonville roofing companies.


Jacksonville roofing companies services provider

jacksonville roofing companies

Jacksonville roofing companies such as James Neill roofing performs services for all types of roofing systems on both commercial and residential buildings. Primary business operations are roofing repair services on any type of roof system from a-z for reliable and durable results.

Give us a call today for a free no obligation estimate and it will be evident why James Neill roofing is rated among the top Jacksonville roofing companies.

Some of the many types of roofing services we perform are as follows

  • Roofing repairs
  • Chimney leaks/Chimney flashing/Chimney caps
  • Flat roof repair and preservation
  • Tile roofing
  • Shingle roofing
  • Metal roof repair
  • Roofing maintenance issues
  • Roof inspection
  • Roofing insurance company certifications
  • Roof carpentry repairs
  • Roof coating installations
  • Gutter repair and cleaning
  • Roof top animal intrusion repairs
  • Real estate sale roofing issues
  • Skylights
  • Roof vents and exhaust
  • Roof drains
  • Commercial or residential flashing issues
  • Roof damages
  • Broken/Missing shingle’s
  • Roof valley and leak repair
  • Roof leak repair

So consider using James Neill roofing and waterproofing when searching out and trying to select a qualified and reputable roofing professional. Not all roofing contractors can tout the years of experience James Neill has at his disposal and this is just what will be apparent when taking a look at Jacksonville roofing companies.


Some considerations to make when choosing Jacksonville roofing companies

First of many considerations when looking at Jacksonville roofing companies is their years in business and of course the variety of experience with roofing and the many different types and circumstances that can arise as a result of roofing failures or damage.

Another way looking for Jacksonville roofing companies would be to ask co workers friends and family members who have hired roofing a roofing company to do work at their property and get some feed back about the experience they had with their choice among the many Jacksonville roofing companies and as mundane as the subject of roofing is frequently it comes up in general everyday conversation when ever groups of folks are together. With some property owners it may be the very first time ever having the need to hire a company to work on their roof and most do not not know where or how to begin.

A good rule of thumb to meet with around 3-4 different roofing companies just to get different opinions and prices and although the cost is important it is of up most importance that price alone should not be the only determining factor when looking at Jacksonville roofing companies.

The search for Jacksonville roofing companies can get confusing as there are many roofing contractors and just as many personalities to deal with when meeting each one. Some use hype others offer weird super low prices and as a consumer knowing nothing about the roofing trade please no offense but usually price is where most decide not a good move as this writer has heard straight from many customers mouth’s their regretful  experiences as a low price roofing buyers and some of the issues they had with their to good to be true price for roofing services.

By the way this does not just apply to roofing but also anything one might purchase.

Someone shared with this writer their recent experience and it illustrates the point. So this someone who bought a used car and it was represented as being garage kept one owner and serviced regularly once purchased the new owner was so happy to have negotiated such a bargain after a week or so the car began to overheat which led to some very expensive repair in fact it was a blown head gasket and it cost $1300 which is fair for that type of repair but that is the point had due diligence been the guiding factor that expense could have possibly been avoided. This story is easy for anyone to relate to I mean who has not had a bad experience buying a car.

It is important to make an attempt to select the best possible Jacksonville roofing companies.

Our mission here at James Neill roofing & waterproofing is of course to point out that as Jacksonville roofing companies go our reputation holds up under water so to speak and there are many very good and qualified roofing contractors to choose from hopefully, by reading this helpful information some educational advice has been absorbed by the reader and now with some knowledge the search for one of the numerous Jacksonville roofing companies will be successful. Any educational information we can publish to inform the consumer market some details about Jacksonville roofing companies will be a benefit to the consumer and industry alike it is a win win.

James Neill is a roofing contractor who is seasoned and has the reputation for getting things done and completed on budget in a timely manner this of course is just the sort of scenario to expect when selecting one of the many Jacksonville roofing companies.

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Roof Repair Company Jacksonville Florida

jax roof repair contractors

ROOF REPAIR 904.221.5981

James Neill roofing & waterproofing contractors serves all of the Jacksonville Florida metro area as well as Ponte Vedra and the beaches offering reliable durable roof repair.

James Neill will personally make sure clients receive the best advise and offer the most affordable roof repair options. A course of action will be explained and a fully detailed written roof repair estimate will be presented for consideration.

Roof repair requires technical knowledge of all phases and applications and types of roofing systems and years of trade knowledge to become proficient at roofing repair. Roof repair focuses on isolating specific area’s where the roof has failed and begun to leak.

Once these locations of moisture intrusion have been identified the next step is removal of portions of the roof as the roof covering conceals everything this is where experience comes into the picture during the estimation process.

James Neill has decades of knowledge at his disposal to draw upon and frequently solves roof leaks that others could not. Reassembling the roofing system after roof repair can be a challenge as portions that are to be repaired if not properly done can be unsightly and even a problem with some home owner associations.

The roof repair should blend in and this requires focus and effort plus neat workmanship skills so there is a minimal difference in the appearance as possible relative to the overall roofing system. Roof repair should improve and not interfere with the functionality of a roofing system.

Some roof repair is simple and straight forward but 90% of the time it is not and a broad knowledge of roofing trade skills along with all area’s of building construction are needed to do a clean job that holds up under water. If a poor choice is made using the wrong roof repair person or contractor that decision could lead to additional and potentially more expensive damage so it is important to consider price but also credentials, experience and reputation.

Reputation is everything in the home improvement industry there are some obvious signals at the outset of the search for a roof repair contractor and here are a few to look for beginning with the obvious, are there signs on their company vehicles indicating what they do almost all properly licensed roof repair contractors are proud to display their chosen profession and want to advertise their services this is an inexpensive way to go. Are they certified and properly licensed and have references by satisfied customers who are more than happy to share their experiences with their roof repair contractor. The tips just mentioned will help narrow down bad ones from the good ones and contribute to getting things back to normal producing a roof repair that stands up to the test of time.

An important fact to be aware of and point out is in the state of Florida laws govern the construction industry and other professions examples of some are doctors, lawyers, hair stylists, and so on.

Professional regulation is the primary way to control unethical professionals from harming consumers who use their services from financial and physical harm as we all know certainly this is not an iron clad way to be 100% protected can anyone remember the Bernie of  Wall street fame and the now infamous scam.

The licensing and certification mandates a responsibility of the professional to behave and operate ethically. florida certified roof repair contractor

Professional services and trades the Florida Department of Business and Professional  Regulation specifically mandate by law these activities must be licensed and through this process they are able to inform and educate professionals holding licenses every couple of years upon renewal.

Continuing education is a requirement every 2 years this process informs license holders of what changes federal or state are to be expected and followed to retain licensing for which the contractor is responsible for all educational costs and licensing renewals. Just imagine if no controls were in place what types of abuses could be inflicted on unsuspecting consumers.

Most certainly there is more than enough Government regulation to go around but this type is needed and is a good system and though not perfect works pretty well by comparison. 

Ramifications professionals can expect for not operating properly are fines or revocation of licensing which is basically putting licensee’s out of business and in some cases imprisoned.

A contractor or person who advertises or engages in roof repair or any roofing related home improvement service is required by law to be certified or county registered this the only kind of legal licensing in the state of Florida.

New residents to Florida sometimes move to Jacksonville from a local where there are lax laws and regulations regulating construction trades and licensing is not required but in Florida contractor licensing by the DBPR IS THE LAW.

When hiring an unlicensed contractor to perform roof repair or a Jack of all trades there are risks to do that and liability becomes the responsibility of the property owner as they are acting as contractors and are subject to all regulatory statutes and building codes.

If a contractor gets hired and is not licensed they are breaking the law and they know it however some consumers may be aware of the laws.

If by chance a consumer is unaware of these regulations then little or no recourse is available should harm befall them as a result.

What if bodily injury occurs a homeowner can be sued by the person they hire and possibly be facing penalties with the state of Florida and building departments.

So beware and informed as to Florida building laws concerning the use of contractors CHECK THEM CONTRACTORS OUT PEOPLE.

Here at James Neill roofing we always keep in mind that your time is valuable and have very reasonable rates and guaranteed roof repair services.

James has been performing roof repair for more than 3 decades and of course he thinks highly of his abilities and the hope is his company will be awarded a contract from potential clients in need of a reputable roof repair contractor.

The choices for roof repair contractors are many good and honest roofing contractors to choose from who offer roofing services follow the aforementioned guidelines roofing issues will handled right the experience will be a pleasant one with very little if any hassle.

Reputable and reliable James Neill roofing contractors is here to help with friendly professional service when in need of any type of roofing contractor services and roof repair.


James Neill a roof repair expert you can expect to exceed expectations. James is Florida state a Florida state certified licensed roof repair contractor and offers a variety of warranties for protection.

Roof repair has been a primary focus of James Neill roofing since the beginning, the economics in the US have changed and roof replacement may not be viable as an option replacing a roof may be out of reach for some as it requires substantial investment in the thousands. This has created a strong demand for qualified roof repair experts.

Maintaining the roofing system already in place utilizing roof repair and maintenance contributes to maintaining the protective integrity of a buildings roofing system. Roof repair is becoming a mainstream practical option delaying the expensive outlay of cash assets for a future time.

Savvy commercial property owners have been doing this type of costing forever and know the advantages so why not a residential property owner who could also benefit in the same manner.

The residential market has begun embracing roof repair and maintenance it just makes practical sense to take care of what is in place already and attempt to prolong the useful life of a roof as long as possible.

James Neill roofing & waterproofing contractors can advise and trouble shoot area’s on an existing roof system after physically inspecting the roof and a home owners concerns are addressed then offer affordable options to fix things up with roof repair.

ROOF REPAIR jacksonville florida roof repair contractor

Need an experienced and reputable roofing repair contractor ? James Neill roofing & waterproofing will provide roof repair answers to concerns. Maybe a property insurer needs a certification as to the fitness of the roof and requires a written certification from a licensed Florida state roofing contractor James Neill can do that, selling a home need WDO repairs or roof repair to be completed as a condition to close we can help with that to.

Roof repair services are offered for all styles or any era of construction be it asphalt shingle, flat, tile, metal roof repair.

flat roof repair and restoration

Other area’s of expert roof repair are flat roof preservation storm damage. shingle roof damage




Closing up area’s where animals such as rats and racoons are entering the attic spaces .roof reair




The list of roof repair services is numerous, helpful and affordable roof repair services are a specialty at James Neill roofing.

Commercial clients commercial roofing repair contractorscan choose from a wide range of options that are available from James Neill roof repair contractors some are maintenance and inspection to roofing system roof repair and waterproofing surfaces using ultra high grade roof coatings and sealants that provide a long lasting resolution solving roofing related and water intrusion issues in tenant occupied places of business.   

Roof repair has been for James Neill the main focus of his company since the the beginning and he has been doing roof repair for more than 30 years.  

When roof repair is not an option straight forward suggestions of how to move forward will be offered, with that said James Neill roof repair services in only very rare occasions not been able to repair a roof. High pressure tactics or drama are not the way James Neill roofing conducts business always aware it is not possible to sell every client roof repair services the goal is always what is best for customers in a polite and respectful manner.

Be it residential or commercial a full range of roof repair services are available from A-Z no matter the style or age of the structure.

Primary service area’s are Jacksonville Fl. – Jax beach Fl. – Atlantic beach Fl. – Neptune beach Fl. and Ponte Vedra beach Fl. 

James Neill roofing will gladly assist with the decision making process providing an educational informative approach to roof repair.



























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roof repair company

Jacksonville Roof Repair (221-5981)

Jacksonville roof repair company


James Neill roofing & waterproofing inc services the Jax to Ponte Vedra beaches area’s for roof repair and be it large or small from a-z.

James will be glad to help with his Jacksonville roofing repair company services options and a course of action are fully detailed in writing in the estimate for consideration there is no obligation and the estimate is free.

Technical knowledge of all types of roofing systems is a requirement to be truly proficient at Jacksonville roof repair.

With a focus towards isolating specific area’s on any roof that have damage or have leaks.Next the removal of the portion of the roof to be repaired and then reassembled to blend in and function with the rest of the roofing system.

Some Jacksonville roof repair projects are simple and straight forward others are difficult and require a good bit of detective skills.

A Jacksonville roofing repair contractor should always have a broad understanding of the way the elements affect a buildings ability to withstand punishment mother nature dish’s out.

Some examples of this are wind direction and it’s affect on elevation the difference between the rain and storms forced at a structure and even hydro static pressure to name just a few.

So it is important to consider price but also you need to consider the experience and reputation of the Jacksonville roofing repair contractor you hire are they reputable do they have signs on their vehicle indicating what they do and are they certified licensed and insured all of the items just mentioned will save you money you will get what you pay for and a roof repair that holds up to the test of time.

Additionally it is important to note that in the state of Florida we have laws governing the construction industry and a contractor or person who advertises and represent themselves as a Jacksonville roof repair contractor or any other kind of roofing related improvements is required by law to be certified or county registered this the only kind of legal licensing in the state of Florida.

In other words when you pay a stranger to do roof repair and they are not a licensed and insured Jacksonville roof repair contractor they are breaking the law and if a consumer knowingly use’s unlicensed contractors that liability is assumed by them as well as all the legal responsibilities building regulations etc.

A Jacksonville roof repair contractor (904) 221-5981 in addition to their licensing requirements are also mandated to take continuing education that we pay for at our expense. This is the way the state of Florida informs all professions deemed by the Florida department of professional regulation and required to pass an exam to legally practice their respective profession what changes and mandates we will be required to follow as well as federal mandates there are many more requirements that could be noted here and the hope is that this information will be helpful.

James Neill established his Jacksonville roof repair company in April of 2000 after passing the Florida state exam and has been perfecting his roof repair skills for more than 3 decades.

Of course he thinks highly of his Jacksonville roof repair services and abilities and the hope is his company will be rewarded with an accepted contract for roof services when they are needed.

The choices for Jacksonville roof repair companies are many and there are a good many contractors who offer roofing services just follow the aforementioned guidelines and success with your roofing issues will be a pleasant one with very little stress.

Reputable and reliable James Neill is here to help with friendly  professional service when in need of Jacksonville roof repair.


Jacksonville Roof Repair (221-5981)JAX ROOF REPAIR

James Neill a roof repair expert you can trust to exceed your expectations. James is florida state certified licensed and fully insured to employ his Jacksonville roof repair service and offers a variety of warranties for your protection. Roof repair has been a primary focus of James Neill with his Jacksonville roof repair company since the beginning.Now that our economy in the US has changed no longer can you just replace a roof the costs associated with it are substantial and this is creating demand for qualified Jacksonville roof repair pros. Maintaining with a reputable Jacksonville roof repair company the integrity of a buildings roof system pay’s dividends and is now becoming a mainstream accepted practice primarily with commercial properties.The residential market is beginning to embrace the roof repair benefits and realize taking care what you already have trying to make the roof last as long as possible.James Neill should be a strong consideration for Jacksonville roof repair.

JACKSONVILLE ROOF REPAIR 904.221.5981commercial roofing repair contractors

Always deal with experienced and reputable roofing contractors.James Neill is an affordable Jacksonville roof repair contractor with solutions and answers to any roofing or waterproofing issue.For our commercial clients a full range of Jacksonville roof repair options are available from maintenance and inspection to roofing system repair and replacement as well as waterproofing surfaces using ultra high grade roof coatings and sealants that actually have longevity and solve roofing related and water intrusion issues.When a new roof is your only answer straight forward solutions will be offered at an affordable rate.High pressure tactics are not the way James does business he knows you can’t sell every customer your services but the goal is to always try his best.Residential roofing options are the same except on a smaller scale and a full range of roof replacement and Jacksonville roof repair services are available no matter the style or age of the structure.For your next roofing project from Jax to Ponte Vedra beaches consider James Neill roofing.Thank you for taking your time to read this post on Jacksonville roof repair.jax roofing repair










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